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Committee responsibilities:

Student Recruitment
      Recruit students to participate in the ACT-SO Program

      Prepare and disseminate information to potential participants 

      Coordinate student/parent orientation

Coach & Judges Recruitment
      Identify coaches, judges, and local partners
      Maintain a directory of past and potential coaches and judges

      Raise money to cover the expenses of local ACT-SO program
      Work closely with treasurer of sponsoring NAACP unit to develop fundraising activities

Public Relations/Media
     Promote and publicize program related activities and events to the community through the
     use of posters, press releases, public service announcements, pictures, brochures and flyers.

     Day of the event photographer and/or Videos

Day of the Event Volunteer Organizer     
     Recruits volunteers for the day of the competition

     Gives out assignments to volunteers the day of the competition

Chairperson Responsibilities

Organize a committee of at least 5 adults to serve on the ACT-SO committee:

      Student Recruitment
      Coach & Judges Recruitment
      Public Relations/Media

Conduct planning meetings in August & September with the local committee

      Host a yearlong ACT-SO Program from August – July of each year
      Report ACT-SO-related activities to the executive committee of the sponsoring NAACP unit
      Must serve on the sponsoring unit’s Executive committee and report ACT-SO related activities

Conduct a local ACT-SO competition in order to qualify for the National ACT-SO Competition.

      Adhere to all deadlines designated by the National ACT-SO office.
      Complete and submit all required documents for all ACT-SO activities to the National ACT-SO office.
      Submit accurate financial records to the Executive committee as well as the NAACP National office.

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