Entrepreneurship Guidelines

Refers to owning, organizing, and managing your own business by providing a necessary product or service.



1. Submit 1 copy of the contestants' business plan.

2. One, typed 8-1/2 x 11 double spaced business plan must accompany the project. 

     The business plan:

             a. should be a minimum of ten (10) pages and not to exceed twenty (20) pages

             b. should include a cover page, executive summary, company description, a marketing plan

             c. also should include a management plan and a financial plan

             d. also include any supporting documents (i.e. graphs, photographs, statistical data)

3. The student's name, page number and Branch (Coraopolis NAACP #26AB-B) must be at the top of the page. 

The plan must be submitted on or before the specified deadline for judges's pre (March 31 deadline)

4. The contestant is required to make an oral presentation, not to exceed five (5) minutes, explaining his/her business plan.


5. A visual presentation in the form of a display, slide show, overhead or PowerPoint presentation should be provided.


6. Contestants should be familiar with business terminology in general and about terminology related to their selected product/service.

        Knowing customer segments, value propositions, customer channels, revenue streams, and cost structure can be helpful.

7. Contestants are required to have personally conducted the business plan analysis and have been involved with the production of any     

     prototype product or service trials.


8. A statement of Competitor integrity must be signed. 



Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria:

• Written Business Plan

     1. Marketing Strategy (15 pts)

     2. Management Plan/Personnel Profiles (10 pts)

     3. Financial Plan (15 pts)

     4. Market Research & Analysis (10 pts)

     5. Government Requirements (5 pts)

     6. Product/Service Knowledge (10 pts)

     7. Customer Service Plan (5 pts)

     8. Creativity/Originality (5 pts)

• Oral Presentation

     1. Comfort Level of Product/Service Knowledge (10 pts)

     2. Social Responsibility/Contribution to the Community (5 pts)

     3. Presentation Style (5 pts)

• Visual Presentation (5 pts)