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Dance: Ballet

To  perform  a  series  of  rhythmic  and  highly  technical  patterned  bodily  movements  usually  performed  to music using grace and precision.


1. The solo performance must not exceed five (5) minutes.

    (Contestants not adhering to the maximum time requirement are subject to point deduction and/or disqualification.)


2. Costumes are optional, but should be appropriate to the choreography performed.


3. The theme and/or type of the performance must be identified to the judges prior to the presentation.

     Acceptable types of ballet include:

  • Classical Ballet,

  • Contemporary Ballet,

  • Neo-classical Ballet, or

  • Story Ballet.


4. The piece must be performed in ballet slippers/flats, or pointe/demi pointe shoes.

     Bare feet are only acceptable for Contemporary Ballet.

Contestants will be judged by the following criteria:


• Technical Proficiency/Skill (25 pts)

        1. alignment

        2. strength

        3. endurance

        4. flexibility

        5. coordination

• Clarity and Consistency in Style (25 pts)

• Phrasing/Dynamics/Musicality (25 pts)

• Clarity of Intent/Interpretation of Choreography (25 pts)

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