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Music Composition Guidelines

The science or art of arranging music by ordering tones or sounds in succession, in combination or in temporal relationships to produce a composition having unity and continuity



1. Email one (1) original notarized composition to the Coraopolis NAACP by MARCH25, 2024, of current competition year.

     Coraopolis NAACP P. O. Box 844 Coraopolis, PA. 15108


2. The top page must include the contestant’s name, page number and unit name and number (Coraopolis NAACP #26AB-B).


3. The composition must be neatly and precisely written on music manuscript paper, in such a manner that any trained musician could perform

     the composition.


4.  Before submission, all electronically generated manuscripts (Finale, Sibelius, etc.) must be proofread to ensure proper quantization in the

     final print generated composition.

5. All submissions must show competency in writing for the chosen medium. 


6. The contestant must submit an MP3 audio file of the composition with the National Registration materials.


7. Contestants can bring a copy of the produced piece to the local competition on a CD that is approved by Coraopolis NAACP


8. The composition must not exceed five (5) minutes.

9. Students can perform their piece without an infringement on their interview time. 


Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria:

• Creative sense (10 pts)

• Form (20 pts)

• Harmonic and rhythmic interest (20 pts)

• Strength of melodic line (20 pts)

• Use of theory (20 pts)

• Quality of transcript (10 pts)

NOTE: For students that qualify for the National Competition

The deadline for submission of national registration documents is the second Saturday of May which will include one notorized copy of your work. No materials or copies will be accepted after that time or at the National Competition.


Contact ACT-SO Chairman Carter Spruill for further information 

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