Music Instrumental - Contemporary

The art of performing with a device used to produce music with the tones of the present.



1. The musical selection must be one specifically written for solo performances and may not exceed five (5) minutes.

     (Contestants not adhering to the maximum time requirement are subject to disqualification.)


2. The selection performed should feature a solo performance.

     The contestants must provide additional musicians if they are needed for their performance. 

     ***For Nationals***    

     Piano accompaniment can be requested to the national office by May 10, 2022 if going to nationals

     Contestants can also bring an accompanist. 


3. Contestants must submit six (6) copies of the sheet music for their performance.


4. The only instrument provided for performance will be a piano.

     Any additional instruments or equipment needed must be provided by the contestant.


5. The selection of music and instrument is solely the decision of the contestant.


6. Examples of contemporary music are Broadway, Jazz, Gospel, Blues, etc.

7. Live accompaniment is permitted for this competition. 


Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria


Effectiveness of style, Improvisation (20 pts)

Intonation, Touch (piano) (20 pts)


Stage presence, Choice of music (20 pts)

Technique, Articulation, Breathing, 
Tonality, Rhythm, Facility (20 pts)


Tone quality, Beauty, Control, Characteristic timbre (20 pts)