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Original Essay

A brief examination of a subject in evaluative or analytical prose usually expressing a personal view or interpretation of a topic or issue. 



1. One (1) notarized copy of the original essay written only by the contestant should be submitted on or before MARCH 25, 2024


2. The top of each page must include the contestant’s name, page number and unit name and number (Coraopolis NAACP #26AB-B).


2. The essay must be typed and double-spaced; not to exceed 6,000 words.


3. The contestant must be prepared to answer questions by the judges.


Contestants will be judged by the following criteria:

General Merit (25)
    Ideas - advances (or considers) existing knowledge while offering a fresh or novel analysis.

    Organization, clarity, and flow
    Wording - effective use of language, claims, and argumentation

    Flavor - (author's) voice/perspective (emotive?) style, depth, creativity. 

Mechanics (25)
   Proper Usage


Overall Effect (50)

   Convincing and compelling

   Resonance (motivation, inspiration, provocation, etc.)

   Topic/issue significance

     Educational value (teaches readers something new)

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