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The process, art and technique of capturing images with an analog or digital camera


Examples include but are not limited to: Black and white photographs, color photographs, digital or  analog  photographs,  photograms,  other  experimental  photography,  etc.


1. No more than six (6) photographs can be submitted or one (1) collage of work.


2. The photographs and/or mounting boards must be no larger than 20x16 inches and mounted on white, black, or gray color boards.


3. The contestant is required to make a minimum three (3) minute oral presentation, explaining the methods or techniques used

     in developing the project.

4. All photos must be contestants' original work.

    Contestants entering unoriginal work will be disqualified. 


5. Editing is allowed for minor touch-ups and image correction in a manner that simulates darkroom. 


6. Composite images, and photomontages are permitted, however, each element of the composite image/photomontage

     must be the student's original photograph. 

     Digital composites are allowed. 


Contestants Will Be Judged By The Following Criteria:

• Technical Merit (25)


   Color Quality

• Cleanness (15)

• Composition (20 pts)

• Effective use of light (25 pts)

• Viewer involvement (15 pts)

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