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Coraopolis NAACP is a 501(c)4 n con-profit organization that not only stands up for the civil rights in the fight against racism but we also are a valuable asset and partner in the communities that we serve. 

By sponsoring the Coraopolis NAACP, you not only support our fight against racism but also support our programs such as our:

Scholarship Fund

ACT-SO Educational Program

W.I.N. Program to support Women

College Fair

There are several ways to be a sponsor:

Advertise on our Website

Sponsor a specific program

Make a donation

Being a 501(c)4 Non-Profit, this means that any donations under $2500.00 are not tax deductible. All donations of support over $2500.00 could be tax deductible through the Tides Foundation/Collective Action Fund.

For further information, please fill out this form and we will contact you asap. 

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